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Weather you are getting ready for an audition, building your audition book, or just want to sing!

You will get to explore yourself and your voice during singing classes. We start by doing vocal exercieses but don't be fooled as this is not a usual vocal exercise.We get to work our whole body and breathing! :) Then we work on your choice of song! The technic of how to sing it and the story of it! 

Beware extreme fun and outrageous laughing is a part of the class!

At the end of each session a we do mini performance!

PS: Whatever happens here stays here!:)

Duration: 45min

Ages: 6 years and up, (available for Adults as well)

Location: La Jolla, UTC

Private and Group Lesson (group of 2) are available. 

Singing! Private Lesson

  • La Jolla, UTC



    Private class - $80

    Group Lesson with two kids - $120

    *Group lessons are an hour long and each student gets 30min

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