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About The Founder

Temi Hason

Temi Hason is a Musical Theatre Performer and Cellist besides her Music Education BA originally from Turkey.

She has been playing the Cello over 10 years.

Temi is in love with what she does! She says: ‘My Favorite thing is to inspire people and move them, that’s why I teach and perform’

Temi has been teaching over 5 years and performing over 10 years. She has worked with all different age groups in public schools and private schools.Temi came up with the idea of ‘A Musical Home’ while she was playing with her nephew , she realized that she is using all her studies together and it is working very well and created a Music Program special for kids with the inspirations of Musical Theatre and Cello.

Temi loves working with kids! “As much as I teach them they teach me a lot of things too” she says.

I am so lucky to be able to do what I love! and to share this passion!

To watch Temi's performances:



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