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About Us

A Musical Home!

Offers custom tailored music experiences! .

A Musical Home offers custom, instrument based music classes for children ages 5months to 5years.

Kids will meet a new instrument of the orchestra and have the opportunity to try, feel and play it.

Our collection has everything from cello, harp, clarinet to some world instruments such as djembe and banjo.In addition to big instruments, we have every little instrument you can think of for our little ones to play: maracas, tambourines, darbukas, castanets, harmonicas and more..Along side with puppets, balloons, parachute and bubbles.

We will be learning the basics of music, which prepares them to start learning to play an instrument.

In our weekly classes, children are introduced to musical concepts, instruments, activities, story and music-inspired movements to benefit the children's development of coordination, listening skills social understanding, physical expression and personal discovery. While they are simply having fun making music!




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