Kids will meet a new instrument of the orchestra each week! Our collection has everything from cello, harp and clarinet to some world instruments such as djembe and banjo.
In addition to big instruments, we have every little instrument you can think of for our little ones to play: maracas, tambourines, darbukas, castanets, harmonicas and more...


Class Guidelines

- A parent or a caregiver must accompany the child at all times.
-  Everyone is responsible of bringing their own 'A Musical Home' music bag (that is given upon registration) and their own blanket.

- Blankets must be placed 6ft apart from each other.


A Musical Home Instrument Bag

A Musical Home instrument bag is prepared exclusively for Music Experiences by Temi Hason, an early childhood Music Educator, Cellist and Musical Theatre Performer. The instruments included in the bag are designed to introduce the instruments of the orchestra.

Let's Meet the Orchestra 3 UTC Tuesday 10:45am

  • Time: 

    June 15th - July 13th

    Tuesdays 10:45 - 11:30am


    UTC Nobel Recreation Park (exact location tba upon rsvp)

    * This is the third session of a 3 session series of 'Let's Meet The Orchestra.' Each session will be representing different instruments of the orchestra. You can register to each session once the sign up opens. It is highly recommended to continue the full 3 sessions but you can start from either session you want and take the other sessions as your time pleases.

    If this is your first time joining 'Let's Meet The Orchestra',

    A Musical Home instrument bag must be purchased with your registiration. A Musical Home bag includes more than 10 different instruments.A personalized instrument bag which will be yours forever to keep! The instruments included in the bag will be used during our music experiences!

  • Lessons are sold in 5 packs, the classes should be used within 7 weeks time frame from the purchase date.

    We understand that children's schedules may be difficult to predict with changing nap times and other variables, so we offer make up classes within the 7 weeks of session purchase.

    Payments made for tuitions are non refundable after the session begins.