Kids will meet a new instrument of the orchestra and have the opportunity to try, feel and play it. Our collection has everything from cello, harp, clarinet to some world instruments such as djembe and banjo.
In addition to big instruments, we have every little instrument you can think of for our little ones to play: maracas, tambourines, darbukas, castanets, harmonicas and more..
*A parent or a caregiver must accompany the child at all times.
*Limited availability for 10 kids + adults.

Let's Meet the Orchestra "Otay Ranch'

  • Time: 

    October 7th - Nov 4th 

    Every Monday 10:30 - 11:15am

    Fall Session is 5 weeks and will be running from:

    October 7th - Nov 4th 


    Otay Ranch

  • Lessons are sold in 5 packs, the classes should be used within 7 weeks time frame from the purchase date.

    We understand that children's schedules may be difficult to predict with changing nap times and other variables, so we offer make up classes within the 7 weeks of session purchase.

    Payments made for tuitions are non refundable after the session begins.

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